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Service Hour Information
As agreed to by all Parents/Guardians and defined in the Parent School Contract, the established APA Academy service hour minimum requirements are as follows:

  • - First Student: Thirty (30) service hours per school year.
  • - Each additional Student: Ten (10) service hours per school year.

1) Service hours must be completed at the campus. This policy has been established to minimize confusion in tracking hours by the respective Service Hour Coordinators.

2) In an effort to offer Parents/Guardians the greatest opportunity to fulfill their service hour obligations, APA Academy has several ideas listed bellow.
3) What if I don't do community service hours?
  1. Parents can pay $30.00 on a monthly basis to cover them or $300.00 at the end of the year. ours not met will be charged at the end of the year. Please Review your tuition Agreement.