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Drop Off / Pick up /Late / Absence / truancy / Sicknes
Drop Off / Pick Up
  Drop Off / Pick Up

Student Drop Off
All Students most be dropped off at the back gate. Parent must use the drop off line. NO student will be allowed to be dropped off in front of the office building or street.
Police will be allowed to create a ticket or citation. You will be obstructing the way of two (2) private entrances, could be involved in an accident since there is an allowed "U" turn, in front of our school facility and you will be putting your child in danger.

Back gates will open 7:30am sharp.
First bell will ring at 7:45am.
When the second bell rings 8:00pm, all students must be in their respective class rooms..
After the 1st 5 minutes students will be considered late.

Student Pick Up

All students most be picked up at the back gate by 2:45pm
Students that are not piked up after 3:00pm, will go to after care and parents will be charged $10.00 per child.

Students Pick up Early Release and other

All the early release days and/or Planning Days are posted on our website for you to download under school academic year calendar.
After attempting several times to reach a parent that failed to pick up their child, the police will be contacted.
Early Release time is 11:30 sharp. Parents will be given the benefit of picking up until 12:00pm no later than that.
No after school care those days either.
** The school is not responsible if parents fail to provide correct and updated information, regarding emails, emergency phone numbers and regular basis cell numbers or others.

My son/daughter need special medication
  Some students do to the heavy medication needed for certain disabilities, might behave different than others.
Is the parents responsibility to administer the proper medication when needed and notify the school immediately that the child is under some kind of medication.

Some medication may cause different reactions.
A student may cause harm to others just because of a reaction to a medication. If the school is not properly notified about it, it will not be able to respond in a proper way.
Parents most bring a written notification of a prescription given to the student prior to the commencing of a school day. Also a list of common reactions or secondary effects.

Students with diabetes, must bring the proper doses of insulin and food. Also the school is not responsible if the student wants to consume food from vending machines.
What is the procedure if my child is sick / Absent / Truancy

It is our desire at American Preparatory Academy that students attend classes regularly and have a successful year. To that end, it will be helpful for each family to maintain regular communication with the attendance office staff. An absence list will be posted daily for the previous day on the Attendance window in Ren Web. Parents are encouraged to check this list and rectify their absences immediately with the Attendance Office. Whenever your son or daughter is absent, please call the attendance office the same day as the absence. In the event you need to call while the school switchboard is not in operation, a 24 hour message line is available . When calling the message line, please speak slowly and clearly spelling the full name and grade of your child. Also, please leave one of the reasons for the absence listed below:

Illness/Injury: including medical appointments. (Teachers will allow make up work.)

Five (or more) consecutive school day absences (for illness) can only be cleared by a doctor’s note.

Funeral Religious event

College visit Court date

Personal business: any absence not listed above (for example, non-medical appointments, vacations, oversleeping, etc.). Generally, these absences are considered unexcused and it is up to the discretion of the teachers to allow make up work.

Truancy: including uncleared absences and leaving without permission. Disciplinary action will be taken. Teachers are not required to allow make-up work. APA is a private school and is also required to call Social Services in the event of truancy.

What happen if my child is late?

Arriving Late

Students who arrive late to class create a disruption to the classroom teacher regardless of the reason the student is late. Students are to report to the back gate if they are more than 5 minutes late to school After the 2nd bell rang.

When a student is late for class, school will not allow the student to go to the classroom until the next period bell rings.
Students from middle and high school will remain next to the gate or with their parents.
Elementary children will need to wait with their parents in their cars.
School is not responsible for children left unattended.
If the student is late too often without a Doctors note, it will start incurring in school demerits.
We need to teach our children responsibilities regardless of their learning disabilities.

**Sadly some parents will use their children as an excuse to be late. More than 95% of our school population are students with some learning disabilities. They arrive properly on time to our school premises and are inside their classrooms by the time 2nd bell has rang.
What happen if my child is picked up early too often?
  Some children might need to leave early for doctor's appointment. Parents will need to bring a Doctors note, in order for the teacher to give them the proper accommodations.
If the child is picked up more than 3 times in a month the teacher will send the parent a letter.
If it keeps happening it will receive a note from school authorities.

If the child, because of a disability needs better accommodations, parents will need to bring a sign letter from Doctors , explaining the situation.

Parents will not be allowed to take students out of the school in a continuous way, because is more convenient to them.
Taking a student out of class continuously is also considered truancy.