APA Academy, Private School Davie Florida

APA Academy, Private School Davie Florida


September 2nd Wholesome Tummies will start providing the School lunch. Please register with www.wtcafe.com

-1st day of school k to 6
Monday, August 18, 2014
-1st day of school 7th to 9th
Tuesday, August 19, 2014
1st day of school 10th to 12th
Wednesday , August 20, 2014

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APA Academy Davie Florida Donations

Teachers wish list and donations 2014/2015

Parents: bring your donations and wish list to school with your receipts, every $10.00 equals 1 hour of community services! All parents must serve 30 yearly hours of community service.

With your Donations we will be able to provide the following for our classrooms.

1) Heavy duty Sharpeners
2) Flat Panel Tv's (we have limited space, tv's must be flat and capable to connect to dvd or computers)
3) Calculators
5) Pencils- Pencils- Pencils GALORE!
6) Hand Sanitizer
7) Erase Markers (EXPO) for white board
8) Chemistry Kits for High Schoolers
9) 4 New Computers or Laptops for media center
10) Tablets for Clusters
Also if you are capable of purchasing the items, you are very welcome to do so. Computers and Tv's will only be accepted if they are new or slightly used and big enough for a classroom at least 32". ( no broken outdated material please)

American Preparatory Academy, PRivate School Davie FL
American Preparatory Academy, Private School Davie FL
American Preparatory Academy, Private School Davie FL
American Preparatory Academy, Private School Davie FL

McKay Scholarship


School starts at 8:00am, please check the weather forecast for our school location.

Uniforms need to be worn at all times !!

Heavy non school jacket will be permitted ONLY under Extreme weather conditions 58F Below! ( while outside the classroom) Please follow our
School Uniform Guidelines

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