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APA is a uniformed school. The parents and faculty of APA School have agreed that it would be in the best interests of the children to adopt a Unified Uniform Dress Code. A uniform policy improves the learning environment. We expect that our students dress and groom in an appropriate manner that will not interrupt the educational environment uniforms that is suitable.

School uniforms are also mandatory for all students on every away field trip and when representing American Preparatory Academy in any type of on or off campus event.

(Open House, contests, competitions, etc.)

As part of the PTO Fundraising, the School Logo's

  • American Preparatory Academy

    Mandatory Uniform Code:
    YOUR NOT ALLOWED ON SCHOOL PREMISES. Demerits will apply after a verbal warning.

    • white
    • burgundy

    School Drill Pants
    (no cargo, no jeans, no tight, no stretch jeans, no leggings, no skinny, no short-shorts)

    Color variation
    • khaki
    • navy blue
    • black
    A belt has to be worn at all times.

    School Drill Skirts to the knee ( no tight, no stretch, no minis)
    • khaki
    • navy blue (ONLY NAVY BLUE)
    • black
    Footwear ( No sandals, no flip flops, no crocs)
    • sneakers
    • flat-heeled shoes with enclosed toes and backs.
    • Closed shoes.
    Jacket or sweatshirts other than the official school jacket is to be worn, it must be without designs or logos and either navy blue, white or burgundy.
    Hats, caps or visors are not allowed.

    ****Extreme Cold Weather Gear *****

    For Severe cold weather, (If temperatures drop below 58°F ) any heavy jacket may be worn over the APA School Uniform while outside the classroom.

    Florida Law about pants under the waist

    WHY SCHOOL UNIFORMS?? If we learn to follow simple rules and everything will be much easier!!


    • School uniforms promoting safety in direct and subtle ways is one of the strongest reasons for implementing a school uniform policy. Students all wearing uniforms allows intruders to be readily identified. School uniforms also indirectly prevent theft as there is less or nothing to steal from another student wearing the exact same clothing. An indirect psychological effect is that there is a stronger sense of safety in the student's mind in sameness and in numbers.


    • The notion of equality from uniforms applies towards socio-economic equality. A school uniform reinforces a popular teaching to children: "Everyone is born equal." Using this basis, uniform policies can suppress superiority/inferiority complexes and promotes a student as a person rather than his or her belongings. Uniform promotes school spirit; it builds oneness and instills the value of community to students.

    • School is a place mandated for learning. Uniforms are a way to keep students' minds focused in class, in addition to eliminating other distractions such as cell-phones and non-school items. Additionally, uniform policies also have requirements such as proper haircut and overall neatness. By students having an accepted and clean appearance at all times, it allows for a stronger sense of order and focus in school activities.



    If for any reason, students are allowed to wear non-uniform clothing that is comfortable and stylish, certain items of dress are prohibited in the school at all times. Among these are:

    § Miniskirts and mini dresses

    § See-through clothing

    § Tube or tank tops*

    § Spaghetti strap tops*

    § Shirts which expose the stomach when standing still or ride up during movement*

    § V-neck, Scoop-neck, or Wrap-shirts which expose chest area*

    § Shirts with cut off sleeves*

    § Shirts and / or jackets with hoods may not be worn in the school building

    § Shorts, except for longer walking shorts, Bermuda shorts, or culottes, provided they are hemmed and not shorter than mid thigh

    § Hats

    § Flip-flops or beach thongs

    § Any clothing that has pictures or messages that are indecent, racially, religiously, or sexually offensive or suggestive, associated with gangs or which encourages violence, or the use of drugs and / or alcohol

    § Any item of clothing which has spikes, chains, or rings attached to it.

    Nose rings and or spikes, eyebrow rings are not allowed

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