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Dear APA family:

It is my pleasure to announce some wonderful news. APA entered into a partnership with the YMCA. This amazing new enterprise will begin during the next few months with
an incredible SUMMER CAMP that will take place at our facilities in APA. While our students will be given priority when enrolling at the APA- YMCA summer
camp, it is important to mention that it is open to the entire public, and has a limited number of spaces available. The summer camp enrollment works on a first-come, first-

serve basis, and requires an IEP or medical diagnosis from an MD. We advise that you proceed quickly, should you be interested. The cost of the summer camp ranges from $0 to $145 per week, and it is calculated on a tax-return sliding scale. Enrollment will take place at the YMCA in the Pembroke Pines Family Center, starting on April 1st. In

addition, we will be sending out an email after spring break with additional weekly visits that the YMCA will hold at APA to enroll our students in the summer camp.

We are looking forward to this new opportunity for our school, achieved with the help of our future principal, Prof. Andreina Wain. We are proud to say that it is a testament to
the hard work of many years that has made our school eligible for such a great partnership.

Please if you need further information, or wish to enroll, do not hesitate to contact the YMCA using the information from the flyer. Please make sure to mention you are from APA!

Warm regards,

Andreina Wain
School Principal