American Preparatory Academy
Where every student belongs...

We are a Fully Accredited K to 12 School Attending all Students.
With professionals who offer a bilingual program of excellence. We have joined our respective knowledge and expertise to create American Preparatory Academy.

Our School is fully accredited by:
  • NWAC
AISF Fully Accredited Private School

Our Goals

To help students appreciate the value of diverse cultures and embrace the concept of becoming global citizens.

To provide our students with the necessary tools for their successful professional development.

To give students the capacity to analyze, perform, and reflect with self-criteria on global issues.

To provide a safe and comprehensive ESE program focused on the individual needs of each student.

Our Philosophy

Helping students become better citizens and professionals, so they can reach happiness and success in their careers, and strengthen equality principles regardless of any distinction.

Giving students the tools and the taste of success builds self-esteem, confidence, and the desire to strive for excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the comprehensive needs of all students and provide peace of mind to parents by offering inclusive services in one place. To achieve our goal of creating the optimal setting for our faculty, staff, parents and students, we will work vigorously to develop new tools and improve our environment.