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Dear American Preparatory Academy Family:

Welcome to the new 2020-2021 academic year. I am pleased to begin my tenure as principal of the American Preparatory Academy (APA). I look forward to serving our entire community of students, parents, faculty, and staff. APA has proudly grown since its foundation 11 years ago, with the mission of offering students and parents peace of mind, by offering all-encompassing services all in one place. Our school community strives for academic success, while finding a balance with physical and mental health, and working on instituting values such as kindness and inclusiveness. These five items compose my vision of what APA is and should continue to be. I am committed to working vigorously to develop new tools and improve the school’s environment for our students, our parents, our faculty, and our staff.  As principal, I look forward to dedicating my efforts to helping each student become the best possible version of him or herself.  

Warm Regards,

Professor Andreina Wain

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To help students appreciate the value of diverse cultures and embrace the concept of becoming global citizens. To provide our students with the necessary tools for their successful
professional development. To give students the capacity to analyze, perform, and reflect with self-criteria on global issues. 
To provide a safe and comprehensive ESE program focused on the individual needs of each student.


Helping students become better citizens and professionals, so they can reach happiness and success in their careers, and strengthen equality principles regardless of any distinction. Giving students the tools and the taste of success builds self-esteem, confidence, and the desire to strive for excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the comprehensive needs of all students and provide peace of mind to parents by offering inclusive services in one place. To achieve our goal of creating the optimal setting for our faculty, staff, parents, and students, we will work vigorously to develop new tools and improve our environment.

Meet our Team

Andreina Wain


Andreina Wain joined the APA team as principal in January 2019 as part of a training program, under the supervision of the previous principal, Ms. Soraya Matos. In June of that same year, Professor Wain officially became APA’s principal. Professor Wain joined APA at the suggestion of the previous principal. She was interviewed and both, her vision, dedication, and heartfelt interest in others, along with her academic and professional accolades, made her a good candidate for the position. Professor Wain worked as a college professor (either teaching assistant or adjunct professor) for a period of 9 years. In addition, prof. Wain dedicated her personal time to tutoring students under the ESE category. The ages of the students ranged from 7-19 years of age.

Karylin Milor


Ms. Karylin Milor has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education (DCF 45 hours) and a Masters Diploma in Professional Counseling, 2010, Ana G. Mendez University.

Ms. Karilyn joined APA for the opportunity to offer kindness, love, caring, and support to parents and students with special needs. Teamwork is her priority number one amongst her very professional and caring coworkers.

Ms. Milor loves to go to the beach, work out, listen to podcasts, and being grateful.

Maria Cecilia Wulff

Director of Accounting Department

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Ms Wulff has a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration from Universidad Metropolitana. Masters: Programa Avanzado de Gerencia PAG at IESA (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de administración)

Minerva Ocana

School Secretary

Born in Puerto Rico, Ms. Minerva has worked in Customer Service for over 15 years. She loves working at APA because she feels at home. 

Besides working with the kids and the families, Ms. Minerva enjoys working on cars (small things), car racing, riding her bike, and spending time with her family.


Meet The Faculty

Ms. Robyn Fulford

Mr. Walter Lopez

Sr. Lopez


Electives: Art, Sports, and Spanish

Birth: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Education: Wagner College, Staten Island, NY

B.A in Spanish and minor in Art

Work Experience: Spanish and Art teacher at all levels, public, private and charter schools

APA Experience

Date: 8/2016

Joining APA: I wanted to work with the ESE population

Area of work at APA: Spanish and Art

Grade levels taught at APA: Elementary, Middle and High School

Why APA: I love my students and the faculty and administration. I love the ability to work in smaller groups and to be able to get to know all my students, not only academically but also on a personal level.

Hobbies and Fun Activities:

Sports, music, gym, movies

Mr. Kayode Salisu


Mr. Kayode

Birth: Nigeria


Math Education, Nova Southeastern University, 2010

Master of Science in Math 2010, Nova Southeastern University

Work Experience:

College-level math

K-12 math teacher

Tutoring since 2004

Teaching since 2012

APA Experience

Date: 10/2018

Joining APA: The love for the profession and the population we serve here.

Area of work at APA:

Math, ACT/SAT prep

Ms. Whitnee Dariah


Ms. D

Birth: Miramar, FL


Bachelors of Arts in Secondary Education, and English, St. Thomas University, 2016-2020

Master of Arts in Education Curriculum and Instruction, University of Phoenix, 2021

Work Experience:

Multi-grade elementary teacher 2016-2020

ESE support facilitator (K-8) 2015-2016

Kindergarten and first-grade teacher 2013-2015

APA Experience

Date: 08/2020

Joining APA: I love to teach! I love imparting knowledge, supporting transformation and growth.

Area of work at APA: MS Inclusive classroom headteacher

Grade levels taught at APA: 6-8

Why APA: Supportive leadership

Hobbies and Fun Activities: Enjoy spending time with family and shopping

Mr. Michael Gilland


Mr. G

Birth: Cincinnati, OH


School for Creative and Performing Arts Education (5-12), Cincinnati, OH

Berklee College of Music

BFA – the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music

Work Experience:

10 years Special Education (SBH),

Multimedia and Journalism






Published Writer

APA Experience

Date: 08/2020

Joining APA: Perfect fit! Teaching MS and HS ESE and music and writing

Area of work at APA: Music world, intro to journalism,  creative writing, HS ESE (Geography, English, Math, and Science)

Mr. David Francis


Mr. Francis

Birth: Fort Belvoir, Virginia


BA Economics, Government, Cornell University

J.D. with honors, General Massachusetts University, School of Law

Work Experience:

Science fiction writer

Lawyer 15+years

Teacher 15+ years

APA Experience

Date: 2007

Joining APA:  I was at Westlake when the new school opened and thought it could be a great experience to be at the start of something where I would help make it work better.

Area of work at APA: Social Studies, Speech, Law, International Relations

Grade levels taught at APA: 6-12

Why APA: The people: great staff, constantly grateful kids. The freedom to design and teach the class the way I want.

Hobbies and Fun Activities: reading, games, complaining about the government

Additional Info: I miss everyone every day so much

Ms. Virginia Mourad

Ms. Virginia


Birth: Chile


Bachelor of Arts in Special Education K-12, Miami Dade College (2013) – Endorsement Reading ESOL

Associates of Science in Early Childhood Education – Miami Dade College

Associates of Arts – Liberal Arts- Broward College

Work Experience:

Work experience teaching since 2007

Children’s Resources - First-grade teacher ESE

Substitute Teacher - Somerset Academy (K-12), Miami Dade

Substitute Teacher, Miami Dade Public schools

APA Experience

Date: 08/2017

Joining APA: At the time I moved from Miami to Broward, I found my first job in Broward County at APA. The goal is to help students grow academically and to become well-rounded citizens of our community.

Area of work at APA: Special Needs Students (Reading, ELA, Math, Life Skills) K-12

Grade levels taught at APA: MS and HS

Ms. Maria Cristina Fortique

Ms. Maria Cristina


Birth: Venezuela


BA., B.S. Special Education

Florida Department of Children and Families (2011): Special Needs appropriate practice, Child care training 30hrs, Pre-school appropriate practices, Early Literacy for Children Birth to 3

Bachelors in Special Education, Universidad Nacional Abierta, Caracas, Venezuela (2001)

Work Experience:

The experience started in 2011 in the US

In Venezuela, it started in 2000

La Petite Academy – Lead teacher for infants and toddlers

Fantasy Station Academy

APA Experience

Date: 09/2015

Joining APA: Like being a special education teacher who can uplift education by utilizing expertise in the social, educational, and psychological development of ESE children to enhance their self-worth and to make them valuable members of society.

Ms. Ana Esteller


Headteacher Elementary

Ms. Ana

Birth: USA

Education:  Bachelor’s in psychology

Masters in Developmental Disability Specialist, Nova University

Work Experience: 15 years

APA Experience

Date: 08/2016

Joining APA: I am a dedicated and loving worker, and helping others is my passion. APA was a good fit for me.

Area of work at APA:

Grade levels taught at APA: K, 1, 2, 3

Why APA: I love the environment and teamwork

Hobbies and Fun Activities: Spinning and drawing

Mr. Jeff John


Coach Jeff

Birth: Sunrise, FL


Associates Degree – University of Central Florida

Working towards Bachelors in Math

Work Experience:

Personal training with High School and College Students

Nutritional training and Anatomy Studies

APA Experience

Date: 08/2020

Joining APA: looking to make a difference in the lives of students during these confusing and troubling times

Area of work at APA: P.E, Computer Literacy

Grade levels taught at APA: K-12

Why APA: The passion and enthusiasm of the students and faculty

Hobbies and Fun Activities: Swimming, video games, working out, automotive mechanics, tutoring

Additional Info: Grateful for the opportunity to work alongside such kind and talented individuals.

Ms. Yocasta Abreu

Ms. Yocasta


Birth: Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Sabor tropical

Education: Ms. Yocasta obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, has a Masters Degree in Marketing Management, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management. Certified in Special Needs Education. Certified CPR

Work Experience: Ms. Yocasta has worked with children as young as 1, children who are in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and first and second grades.

APA Experience

Date: January 2015

Joining APA: There was a vacancy and I had always dreamt of working with children who were struggling and who needed daily help progressing and moving forward to achieve independence and self-confidence. I like to constantly reassure them that they are capable of achieving anything they would like in life.

Area of work at APA: I work with the youngest of students at APA: K, first and second grade. I teach all subjects (math, writing, reading, social studies, cooking, art, and resources and tools to self-regulate and improve behavior and be able to calm themselves down)

Grade levels taught at APA: K, 1 and 2

Why APA: I Love APA because we are all a family, we all work as a team sharing everything we do, everything we eat, and I find an environment where I can often laugh and be joyful.

Hobbies and Fun Activities: I love dancing, traveling, getting to know new cultures, going out to eat. I love the beach and spending time with family and friends.

Ms. Kelyn Coa

Ms. Kelly


Assistant Teacher

Birth: Venezuela


High School Diploma

Currently RBT student

Work Experience:

APA Experience: The opportunity to share my knowledge and to help kids with their needs (My own children were the ones who inspired me to make this decision)

Date: 10/2020

Joining APA:

Area of work at APA: Teacher Assistant

Grade levels taught at APA: ALL

Why APA: I feel like I am part of a family and love teamwork.

Hobbies and Fun Activities: Beach, hiking, biking, traveling with my family, reading, and decorating.

Ms. Lissette Samaro

Ms. Lissette


Birth: My dad is Puerto Rican, and my mom is Cuban. I was born in Florida.

Education: I have an Associates in Early Childhood Education from Miami Dade College.

Work Experience: I have 20 years of teaching experience as a teaching assistant and also as a lead teacher. I have worked for over 15 years with Exceptional Students.

APA Experience

Date: September 2016

Joining APA: I decided to try out a job opening at the school and ended up loving it here.

Area of work at APA: teacher assistant in inclusive classrooms

Grade levels taught at APA: High School and Middle School

Why APA: I love it here. The students are amazing, they are happy, the whole team here is great and I feel like I am with family when I am here.

Hobbies and Fun Activities: I love to travel and learn about new cultures. I love to go on nature walks.

Additional Info: APA has been one of the best work experiences of my life. I love teamwork and the effort we all put together to see our children (students) thrive.

Mr. Peter Reibold


English Teacher

Mr. Reibold

Birth: Mishawaka, Indiana


Undergraduate Research, Brown University

Bachelor of Arts Humanities, Honors College, Providence College

Master of Arts Graduate School of Philosophy, University of South Carolina

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Georgia

National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

National Humanities Fellow, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MD

Work Experience:

Theology Department Chair, Cardinal Newman High School, Columbia South Carolina

Logic Instructor, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

English and Math Teacher, PAL Academy, Weston, FL

Test/Prep/College Advising, College Experts, Davie, FL

APA Experience

Date: 8-2011/6-2012, 04-2017-Present

Joining APA: Of all the schools I interviewed with, I felt like APA was the best. Soraya was the best principal and the faculty was the best I met.

Area of work at APA: English, Philosophy, ACT/SAT Prep

Grade levels taught at APA: 6-12

Why APA: My favorite thing is the family atmosphere. Everyone looks out for everyone else. I love sitting in the kitchen before school starts when it is still dark out.

Hobbies and Fun Activities:  Eating

Ms. Maria Helena Machado


Ms. Machado 

Birth: Brazil


School of Medicine, Universidade Federal de Algoas (UFAL)

BS. Information Technology, Centro Universitario Newton Paiva

Work Experience:

Medical since 1987

Educational, since 1991-2012 in Brazil

APA Experience

Date: 08/2016

Additional Info:

Speaks English, Portuguese, and some Spanish

Ms. Veronica Colmenares

Ms. Camilla West