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Aftercare APA-YMCA
Aftercare APA-YMCA


Payment instructions below


Aftercare APA-YMCA

· A weekly full fee ($65) aftercare program partnered with the YMCA

· There will not be any prorated rates for aftercare. If a child attends one day of that school week, a $65 aftercare fee will be charged to the account. If a child does not attend any day of that school week, the $65 weekly fee will be applied to the following week of aftercare.

· If a child is withdrawn or decides to no longer attend aftercare. The refund for the weeks not attend will be refunded to the account or address on file.

· Payments: money order, cashier’s check, or YMCA parent profile online payment

· Only children registered with the YMCA/APA aftercare can attend aftercare

· Aftercare is provided everyday students are required to attend school. Aftercare is based on APA participant attendance schedule

· There will be a 1:10 ration within the aftercare.

· Aftercare is from school dismissal to 6pm

· Aftercare will have a schedule that consist of

o Snack

o Homework

o Paths (Social Development/ mindfulness)

o Physical Activity

o Project Based Learning (PBL)

· Aftercare pick-up is at the rear of the school

· APA Afterschool Staff is all current employees, Minerva Ocana and Lissette Samaroo

For further information please contact Thomasina Louissaint at 954-826-0800 or vía email at [email protected].