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Rules / Regulations / Uniforms
Why if I'm paying a private tuition I have to follow so many rules?
  Why if I'm paying a private tuition I have to follow so many rules?

That's one of the biggest and most common question.

Paying for a Tuition means paying for a Student to receive a service. A service that a private company is offering.
It does not give the parent or legal guardian the right to do whatever they want inside a private property.
School rules are created for the safety of the School Community.
Some rules are required by the accreditation entities and other rules are state rules or laws.
Each private school will also create a rule depending of the school population .

  • No Cell phone / We are on the cell phone era! Yes, we understand. We need to respect the class room, eliminate all kinds of distractions and disruptions. Also lot of students disrespect other peoples privacy posting unwanted pictures or videos on the web or creating cyber bullying while on school premises. **Parents are not allowed to text their kids nor vice-verse. Cellphones must be turned in to the 1st period teacher and picked up after the last school bell.
  • No Smoking / When you enter any area of our grounds, parking lot or common areas, you are in private property. Smoking is not allowed at all! PARENTS AND/OR STUDENTS
  • No Drugs
  • No Bullying
  • No Cyber Bullying
  • No one is allowed to use the School Name for personal gain or contracts. No one is allowed, and is punishable under Federal Laws to use in a fraudulent way the School Name to acquire business or moneys. All School funds must be managed via the School Accounting and Public Relations Dept.
What happen if my child does not bring the proper uniform?
  School Uniform
APA is a Uniformed School.
Your child will not be accepted on campus if he/she does not wear the proper and full attire.
Also it could inccur in demerits. Parent will be responsible to pick the child up or bring the proper uniform.
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