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Message from: Our School Principal

As a parent myself, it’s always good to have a peace of mind,
knowing that our children are going to a great school, with a safe environment and quality of education.

American Preparatory Academy believes in quality, not quantity. That's why our school believes that students that participate in small school classes are able to succeed, capture and understand better. The same way we are able to see and understand the needs of each individual.

We welcome students with different learning disabilities and students that just want to be in a smaller group, family like environment. More

Also APA Academy Offers:

Ø Differentiated Instruction Ø Hands-On Curriculum Ø Behavior Specialist

Ø Bilingual (English-Spanish) Ø Free Tutoring after school Ø ESE

Ø ESE Vocational Classes Ø Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

Ø Dual enrollment Ø Summer Classes / Summer Camp ... and more

Plus, we are authorized under Federal Law to enroll non immigrant alien students.
We invite you to visit our school and see how we can accommodate your child's needs.

Soraya Matos
APA Academy
School Principal