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What do I need to know before school Starts?

Frequently Q&A
  1. Uniforms
  2. PTO Application
  3. How much is my out of pocket tuition per child
  4. Who do I call when.....?
  5. Lunches
  6. Mandatory Community Hours for High School Students FORM
  7. Mandatory Community Service Hours Parents FORM
  8. RenWeb (Know your child information at all time)
  9. Attendance !!!!

** Parents must accumulate 30 hours of School community services every year.
Please review your Registration documents.
Every hour = $10.00
If the hours are not met at the end of the year, the parent must pay the equivalent of $10.00 for every missed hour. more info....


The official Mandatory Shirt is available to order. in White and or Maroon /
Sweatshirts and other items will not be accepted with outside logos or brands
If a non-official sweater or sweatshirt is worn it must not have logos, brand names etc. . Colors Accepted: Maroon, White