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What do I need to know before school Starts?

Frequently Q&A
  1. Ms. Maria ( kinder list) / (Kinder 1st)
  2. Supply list for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grade
  3. Supply list for 6th grade (Ms. Soto)
  4. Middle and High School / ( For Spanish and sign language add 1.5 Binders or Higher)
  5. Uniforms
  6. PTO Application
  7. How much is my out of pocket tuition per child
  8. Who do I call when.....?
  9. Lunches
  10. Mandatory Community Hours for High School Students FORM
  11. Mandatory Community Service Hours Parents FORM **
  12. RenWeb (Know your child information at all time)
  13. Attendance !!!!

** Parents must accumulate 30 hours of School community services every year.
Please review your Registration documents.
Every hour = $10.00
If the hours are not met at the end of the year, parent must pay the equivalent of $10.00 for every missed hour. more info....

All students must use the official school patches on their polo shirts. NO STICKERS!!! No illegal use of our school logo will be accepted students without school patches and illegally using our school logo on their shirts will not be accepted in class. All parents must follow all school uniform rule and regulations.

The official Mandatory PE Shirt is available to order. in White and or Maroon / Parents will be granted 2 additional weeks after the first day of schools to purchase the official shirt. After the 2 weeks, the student will have an incomplete grade on PE.
Sweatshirts and other items will not be accepted with outside logos or brands
If a non-official sweater or sweatshirt is worn it must not have logos, brand names etc. . Colors Accepted: Maroon, White or Navy Blue.

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School Patches
School Patches
pay: $3.75


All students must wear full school uniform!

Buy 1 for $3.75 or 5 or more for $3.00 each
NOTE: It is illegal to copy our official logo.
Our Logo must be purchase at the school or via our web site.
Stickers of our official logo are not allowed.